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Individual sessions

1-to-1 Yoga sessions can be used however you like. They provide an opportunity to focus completely on your individual Yoga practice and what you would like to work on. This learning can be related to practical physical aspects of the poses themselves or any other aspect of the Yoga which you feel you need extra help with.

I also offer Padma Yoga. Padma is the Sanskrit word for the sacred Lotus flower, which grows and blooms from the mud. Padma sessions are talking sessions exploring your personal life experiences and problems from the perspective of Yoga philosophy. These sessions can profoundly deepen your understanding of your own Yoga practice as well as help you find your way through challenging times and periods of transition in your life. Please contact me to find out more.

All 121 sessions can be 'one-off' sessions or a longer term commitment to deepen and refine your practice and your understanding of yourself and your life, both on and off the mat.

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