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Kara McArdle

The birth of Phoenix Bee Healing is the coming together of a life of exploration and spiritual journeying. Childhood trauma in my early life nudged me towards Christianity in my teenage years looking for answers, meaning and a sense of belonging. My spiritual path has moved into Buddhism and learning how to be with myself and what is through the great meditation teachers, Hinduism through 25 years of Yoga practice and in the last couple of decades, closer to home, a solid Earth based spirituality grounded in the land that I now walk every day with my dogs. I anchor myself in the turning Wheel of the Year, knowing deeply that we are beings of the elements- of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit far removed from the stressful and too-fast moving world we find ourselves inhabiting in these days we are living in. I take strength from finding myself in the changing energies of Mother Earth as we travel through each year.

The first Red Tent was held 10 years ago and I have been privileged to hold space for Circles of women since then.

My Yoga teaching grew organically from decades of practice and I have been teaching now for 5 years, again now only to women.

After an intense few years of personal therapy through great changes in my life I am now qualified to offer therapy to others (Diploma in Yoga Therapy accredited by the British Council for Yoga Therapy) Even though I hold a qualification I believe that a therapeutic practice should be a lifelong commitment to my own personal growth. I continue to work with a mentor and am open to further training so you can rest assured that as a therapy client you are safely held.

Holding Sweat Lodges began after a few years of working as fire keeper at another lodge. I love the lodge process and the opportunity to work so closely with the elements is primal and healing. I am offering this experience now purely for women. I have found through years of Red Tents that the Circle of women is in itself a healing process.

My work is a reflection of my belief in the power of women to work towards self-actualisation and transformation in their own lives with the right support. The guidance and help that I offer to you through my work provides a safe container for your own exploration and a vehicle for your own inner work towards whatever change you desire or need in your life. The healing path that I offer is a direct reflection of the healing I have found and integrated in myself through my personal journey. You can trust that all that I offer to others is entirely authentic and embodied.

Yoga classes, Red Tents and Somatic Therapy sessions are held in The Yoga Hut, a beautiful dedicated space. Sweat Lodges are held in a local woodland.

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