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Kara McArdle

My work is a reflection of my belief in the power of women to work towards self-actualisation and transformation in their own lives with the right support. The guidance and help through my work that I offer to you as women provides a safe container for your own exploration and a vehicle for your own inner work towards whatever change you desire or need in your life.

I have been a Yoga Practitioner for 25 years and teaching since 2018.

I have 10 years experience of holding and facilitating Red Tent workshops for women, children and teenagers.

In the Spring and Summer of 2020 and the darkness of Covid a dream came true for me as the Yoga Hut was designed, crafted and built with love in my back garden. I am now lucky enough to be custodian of a beautiful, nurturing, purpose built sacred space for working with women through Yoga, Somatic Therapy and Red Tent gatherings.

I  also co-hold Sweat Lodges in my role as Firekeeper with Jason Sewell at Turtle Lodge Healing. Come along if you fancy something completely different!


Traditionally women gathered together in the Red Tent at their bleeding time. men believed that women held a special power at this time of each month and if allowed to gather together this power was increased and could be used to benefit the tribe. This space for women was therefore facilitated and protected. Times have moved on now but through my Red tent Gatherings I am reclaiming this right for women to gather together in sacred space. Red Tents are held in my tipi, a beautiful sacred space. We follow and celebrate the Celtic festivals through the Wheel of the Year from Winter Solstice through Summer Solstice and back again. Through ceremony, meditation, craft, circle sharing and chant we re-establish our ancient connection with Nature and with each other as women.



I teach a dynamic flowing style of Yoga which is based on the 4 principles of Breath Work, Smooth Movement, Mind Focus and Point of Stretch. This Yoga is an holistic approach to health, honouring body, mind and spirit. 1-to-1 individual sessions and Yoga Padma (talking yoga sessions) are also available. See the link to 1 to 1 yoga for more information or contact me.


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