Sweat Lodge

Beautiful Sweat Lodge yesterday with Jason Sewell from Turtle Lodge Healing. Such a privilege to be a part of the Lodge family and look after the fire. It was a wild one yesterday, I came home with less eyelashes and a good clump of hair less than I started with! In contrast to the wild and windy weather though the Lodge was a truly peaceful and magical experience. The theme was 'softening' and for me that was very pertinent- at last being able to touch a place where I might be able to soften and open to life again after the trauma of the last few years. The feeling of Life returning in all her beauty at this time of Beltane being almost here. This is the time we celebrate Life in all it's force and rampant potency in the Red Tent; when all is manifesting around us in a wild whirl of creative energy. I feel blessed to be alive.

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