Imbolc in the Red Tent

Imbolc; Red Tent; Festival; Spring; First Light; Awakening; Tipi;

Imbolc is the festival of the reawakening Earth. Buds and beginning to form on the trees and bulbs are making their appearance, starting with the snowdrops. The sap is rising in the trees and the Earth is stirring into life. We are moving out of Winter into the energy of Spring.

In the Imbolc Red Tent we focus on the Celtic legend of Brigit the maiden who initiates the young sun-king in a deeply spiritual sexual experience which marks the start of life returning to the Earth.

We craft Brigit's crosses which are traditionally made to hang in doors and windows at Imbolc. Our guided visualisation focuses on imagining ourselves deep within the cold, damp Earth as a tiny seed awakening into the first life giving energy of Spring. In our Circle-Sharing we focus on what is within ourselves that we want to bring into the new light of Spring, to give energy to. Imbolc forms the beginning of what we will manifest in our lives in the active phase of the year. A reawakening of ourselves and our inner energies alongside the reawakening of the energies of Mother Nature. A beautiful time.


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