Living beyond point of stretch

In this Yoga one of the 4 principles we work with is point of stretch- the maximum stretch in your body before you feel any strain or tension. If you are aware your body is beyond point of stretch, we have to soften and get back to it using our deepening awareness. If we go beyond point of stretch, other parts of our bodies will compensate, causing injury and tension. The maximum health benefits of the Yoga come from working at point of stretch. As with all aspects of a regular Yoga practice, what happens on the mat will spill off the mat and into life. So what do you do when you realise that you are living beyond point of stretch? Regularly grumpy, irritable, over tired…? I don’t know the answer, I know it is a difficult one!

I think the first answer though has to be self-compassion- looking after ourselves from a place of deep loving kindness. Another difficult one but I am sending love to all beings today who are give give giving to others. Take care of yourselves xxxxx

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