Warriors March On

This is a dark morning both literally and in the sense of our country today as the sorry election result rolls in. I am overwhelmed with a tidal wave of despondency and disillusionment about the state of the unthinking human race who seem to have no long term vision about the urgency of what we have a duty to do to help our planet and those who live on this Earth who urgently need a government who puts welfare and kindness above money.

But although such feelings must be felt and honoured in our hearts we have to go on. To keep walking forward, to keep shining our own little lights as brightly and clearly as we can in the hope and certainty that a better world IS coming. We must not give up. We must continue to fight for what is right- in our hearts, in our relationships, in our families, in our communities, in our workplaces and out there in the wider world.

This is the Winter Solstice. We are celebrating the rebirth of the Sun from the darkness and the return of the light. In the words of the chant we will be singing over the weekend in the Red Tent

"We are the Rising Sun
We are the change
We are the ones we've been waiting for and
We are dawning."

March on in hope and love. Have faith. Do not give up. Change will come.

Love to you all this Solstice time
Kara x

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