Mind Focus

Ah the mind focus! Third principle of this Yoga and a constant challenge. Working with the 3 levels of distractions this morning on the mat- first level the external distractions (I can hear the cat coming in through the cat flap, heating coming on etc), second level everyday thoughts (what am I having for breakfast, must put the washing in etc) and the most challenging third level the deeper thoughts and feelings which the Yoga is designed to bring up so we can work with them. Twenty years practicing and studying this Yoga and some days this feels like it never gets any easier. One of the great misconceptions of Yoga is that there is some ‘enlightened’ place that we will get to if we continue to practice. Uh-oh it seems that we continue to be human after all, forever working with our human frailties and fallibilities. It shows that the Yoga is a tool which we can take through life to work with everything life brings up- it gives a foundation and a strength. I would not have been without it all of these years- at difficult times it has felt like all I have which gives me the strength to keep walking forwards, at wonderful times it helps me to celebrate life and to remain grounded. Each out breath feel the feet rooting down to the ground…

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