Red Tent Gathering for Spring Equinox

Come and join us to sit in circle and celebrate the festival of Spring Equinox. This is a beautiful time of year- the daffodils are blooming and leaves are beginning to emerge on the trees. The Earth is warming and we can feel life beginning to bloom all around us. Birds are making their nests and laying eggs.

'Equinox' comes from the Latin meaning 'equal night' and at this time we are experiencing night and day as exactly equal- 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. This, along with the Autumn Equinox in September is also the time of balance and at this gathering we will be focusing on the issue of balance in our own lives and what we can do to further bring ourselves into balance.

Through ceremony, meditation, craft, circle sharing and chant we will harness our own inner energies to this powerful time of year. Come and celebrate with us. I look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful tipi.

Half day workshop £25. let me know if you would like to book a place. Contact me on 07983118742 or through Facebook if you would like further information. Blessings of Spring to you all.
Kara x

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