Sitting today listening to the rain while I struggle with my laptop. Always floored by technology I have decided to get the website up and running again. My classes are up and running as are my 121 yoga and therapy sessions. I need a website too, right? I am reminded as I struggle as I always do when faced with my technological inabilities of what I teach therapy clients about listening to their bodies and being guided by what their bodies tell them. Right now my body is telling me to leave the fledgling website and the tension it is bringing to my lower back and go and walk my dogs in the rain or swim in the sea which I am lucky enough to be near today. And then there is the mental irritation and chatter around how I have to get this done as in a few days my children will be back and the available space and time will be gone again. What do we do when there is so much going on in our bodies that's valid, so many different inner instructions we could listen to and have our days guided by? I do not know the answer, I know for sure that it can become overwhelming. Perhaps the answer is just in taking a few breaths and connecting to what is actually right here, right now, in this moment. Rain, dogs, body, breath. Ahhh. As always, my body and my inner wisdom hold the answers when I choose to listen. Time to shut the computer down now and get out into the rain, I have done enough for today. Love to you all xx

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